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Raquel De Luca


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A Delicate taste that melts in your mouth....


12 Qty. $12.99

Meringue Cake

10 serve. approx. Filled with caramel milk and strawberries. Ask for more options and sizes


Assorted Cake Pop

Decoration is made according to customer request.

12 Qty. $17.99

Pionono Cake

Med. (12-16 serves) $ 26.99 ~ Large (20- 24 serves) $39.99 Piononos are prepared using a dough made of flour, eggs, and sugar, which is baked in a thin sheet then rolled around. Choose from a filling of dulce de leche sometimes with walnuts, or fruits like strawberries with Chantilly cream. It is typically eaten in one or two bites. Desserts

Small (6-8 serves) $14.99


20 serves $41.99 ~ 30 serves $62.99 Classic Tiramisú. Desserts

10 serves $25.99

Coconut caramel milk Pie

Sweet combination of dulce de leche and coconut. Desserts/ Pastries

10 Serv. $16.99 20 Serv. $32.00 30 Serv. $45.00


Classic cheesecake with strawberries in the top. Desserts. Ask for more sizes.

10 Per. $22.99

Choco Cake

Chocolate cookies, dulce de leche, whipped cream. Glorious desserts

Caramel Filled Pinono

16" (10 serves) $16.99

Fruit Pie

10 serves $21.99

Tres leches

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